Pokemon Ruby Rom download

Pokemon Ruby Rom ever since Pokemon made it was debut in 1999.

There’s no going back for the franchise, with some successful games for the Game Boy Color.

When the release of a new game for the Game Boy Advance was released, it had everyone excited.

With the efforts of the designers and fantastic marketing. The game had every potential to outperform its predecessors, but it wasn’t a complete success story either.

Pokemon Rom Dowonload

The plot of Pokemon Ruby rom

Pokemon Ruby rom download

Pokemon Ruby rom download

The games haven’t changed much since it’s emancipation long ago.

It’s still the story of an aspiring Pokemon Emerald master.

The game sets you in the shoes of a 10-year-old Pokemon trainer, aspiring Pokemon master.

He’s given the choice of one of three Pokemon given to him. At the beginning and the task of completing the Pokedex.

Enriched encyclopedia containing data of every Pokemon in the region.

In this epic journey, the player is for a wild ride; they’ll have to travel from town to town.

Explore the wilderness, catch wild Pokemon and train and evolve them into better versions of themselves.

Solve puzzles and minigames, win beauty contests and rank up in the gym leaderboard to fight gym masters to earn badges.

These badges, later on, give the players the abilities to join higher leagues and face better opponents.

The new addition in this adventure of a lifetime is the presence of Team Magma, a criminal organization dedicated to the task of overflowing the land with lava.

Making it possible for the fire based Pokemon to thrive.

The player gives the job of fighting with the Team Plasma, and stop them from materializing their plans.

This addition does add a lot more to the game, unlike old criminal organizations cluelessly roaming around and fighting for no valid reason.

Pokemon Ruby Rom US gameplay

The gameplay is still the “every Pokemon gameplay ever”, it still features a turn based attack system that’s been going on for ages.


But it’s been tweaked a bit in order to feature more to the game.

While it still might be a bit “too cute” for people who aren’t used to the franchise.

Looking at the bigger picture, there’s more to it, the game features around 350+ Pokemon, with each Pokemon distinctly different from each other.

While the player can only carry six Pokemon at a time, strategizing is the key here.

Suppose, a fire type Pokemon Fire Red is likely to triumph against a plant type.

So the player needs to fix their plans based on the strengths and weaknesses of their Pokemon at hand.

A new element to the fighting is the team battle; now the player might have to face two Pokemon at the same time.

So having a proper strategy is even more critical here.

The opponent attacks have an impact on not one but two Pokemon, the addition of team battle is undoubtedly a great addition.

Pokemon Ruby rom hack

Pokemon Ruby rom hack

A large part of the Pokemon games depends on catching the pokemon after a battle, in most cases. One needs to throw the Pokeball at the proper time to successfully pass the Pokemon.

The lower the health point (HP), the more the chances of catching the Pokemon.

Also, there are special Pokeballs that are pretty rare; these Pokeballs can make catching Pokemon even easier.
Another new addition is the real-life time setting; the player has to set the time at the beginning of the game.

This setting will help in deciding the time for the growth of berries found in the wilderness.

These berries can be for increasing health, give more power and remove the poison/ burn received by the Pokemon during battles.
There’s also the presence of in-game transportation like bicycles, while in cases the Pokemon are needed to be used as a medium of transport.this makes the shipping a lot faster.

Another new addition if the “beauty contests,” in such events the Pokemon will have to show their moves to “wow” the judges.

But to be eligible for such mini-games, one needs to give the Poke block treats to their pokemon, these treats are found by playing mini-games around the game.

These treats are fed to the pokemon which increase their capabilities in such events.

These minigames can also be performed with other players through the line cables.

Returning to the game is the casino in Pokemon ruby that can help the player make some easy coins. There a slot machine and a smart roulette game that the players can play.

Finally, the story mode is about 30 hours of gameplay, but for the real lovers of the game that's just the beginning.

There are over 300 Pokemon Platinum to capture in this critical setting, with different add-ons and advantages.

There’s a lot more to the game than just the generic story mode, but one of the negatives is that even though it has a massive collection of Pokemon.

The old Pokemon collected the older versions cannot be redeemed thus sending the past hundreds of hours of work useless.

But in no way, the 8bit versions could be translated in the advanced versions.

Graphics in Pokemon Ruby Rom for Nintendo DS

Given that it’s a complete console upgrade, the graphics have also got up a notch, it’s far from the 8bit game it used to be, the region looks much sharper.

The turf looks better, also you might see footsteps, or cycle marks when walking in the sand, there are small ripples in the water seen at times.

The most visual effects were noticed themselves, the designers and developers did spend a lot of time and energy on getting the design aesthetics right.

And the pokemobs do look good in a game. Also, there are small animations seen during attacks, these textural additions game even though there is still room for a lot of improvement with the console upgrade

Multiplayer in Pokemon Ruby rom

There isn’t much to the multiplayer of the game, but it’s still there, the multiplayer gives the players the option to battle and trade through the line cable.

Using Nintendo’s e-radar peripheral, there are interactive cards that can be for battles, and as these cards feature almost 50 level Pokemon.

They are only for the die-hard fans of the game.

It’s a great addition to the game, but it requires improvement that’s for sure

Music for Pokemon ruby rom

There’s a love-hate relationship with the music to be honest, in some cases it’s very upbeat and fun.

While there is the classical Pokemon music too, but it can get boring given that the music choices are minimal. And it’s mostly playing around harmlessly; it doesn’t add much

Final verdict
Pokemon Ruby rom us

Pokemon Ruby rom us

If you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan, it’s pretty sure that you will end up buying it sooner or later.

But for someone who’s not into the franchise much, it can also be a great way to begin.
To be honest, the game itself is excellent.

There’s a massive collection of Pokemon that can keep you engaged with your Nintendo for hours. It has great locations too.

But it feels pretty same; the story mode is an exact replication of what it used to be except the addition of Team Magma.

The group does add more to the game.

Again with gameplay features like the casino and improved graphics warrant a try, the positives are many, but there are a few negatives that can be a bit annoying.

One of the main issues is that the game might feel very repetitive to someone who’s new to the franchise.

It’s the same capture- fight- defeat gym leader- repeat extravaganza, also the minigames like beauty contests don’t add much to the game.

Even tho the PokeBlock treats, and the minigames are fun, it’s final purpose the beauty contest is relatively disappointing.

Finally, it’s entirely accurate that the developers have put in a lot of effort in making this game a memorable one given that it’s their debut to a new platform.

It’s still early days, and in all honesty, there’s a lot of room for improvement that you can see shortly.

With the developer’s history of giving us better games, we can always hope for better days.