Five tips every Nintendo DS switch owner should know

Nintendo DS is one of the most famous android devices in the market which has more than millions of people as it players.

Nowadays many new players are willing to play this device and download the tool from android play store.
To help the new players this article introducing some useful and handy options which you may not know you can use on the Nintendo switch game.

Let us see the tips details on Nintendo DS

Charging your mobile:

nintendo ds
nintendo ds

There are multiple ways to charge your Nintendo switch.

The most common way to link the ac adapter to the Nintendo switch dock. When there is a need to charge your switch. You can place the Nintendo switch into the pier.
Need to note that whenever you Nintendo switch system is charged. Your joy-con will automatically recharge too.

If you are going for traveling. You can take the ac adapter along with you and connect your adapter directly to the Nintendo DS switch to charge it.

You can use any USB c adapter to charge your Nintendo switch, but you need to make sure it is manufactured by a reputable company to be safe.

Fast setting

nintendo ds settings
nintendo ds settings

Keep the home button for at least 1 second, a quick setting menu will get appear.

Aforementioned is especially useful when you want to activate the sleep mode quickly.

Other things that can be seen in the quick settings menu are the time and battery life.

Can also turn on or off flight mode and adjust the brightness and volume.

Take screenshots and videos

nintendo switch screenshots
nintendo switch screenshots

If you want to take a screenshot. You can press the capture button which can be found on the left joy-con. Or your Nintendo DS switch pro controller.

If you hold the capture button for a few seconds, you’ll start recording footage.
You can review the screenshots you have taken from your device.

You need to share them to social media and even add words to them.

Set your page

In Nintendo switch company there is an own page for everyone. And it can be accessed on the top left corner of the home menu.

On my page option, you can view the games which you have played recently using your Nintendo DS you can play Pokemon Emerald Rom as well switch and the time spent on it.
Also, add your friends who are in online now and even find new friends to add to your account based on your Nintendo app friend list.

Shop new things in Nintendo DS e-shop

The Nintendo roms e-shop is the place where you can able to download all types of games and there as even free demos available in this shop.
Purchase a game from the Nintendo eshop. During every purchase, gold points will automatically be added to your account once the transaction is complete.

These gold points can be used to redeem discounts for Nintendo 3ds/Wii u software, wallpapers, strategy guides, free games, and even Nintendo 3ds home themes with the Nintendo switch.

Five tips every Nintendo DS switch owner should know
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Five tips every Nintendo DS switch owner should know
Why Nintendo DS and Nintendo Switch is the best option available on the market! Check their settings, fast screenshots, multiplayer games and also make videos.
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